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Cinéma Viscéral: Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters (1985)

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Paul Schrader’s opulent and visually stunning biography of Japanese writer and Bushido enthousiast Yukio Mishima is a fragmented collage that brings both Mishima’s prose and his turbulent real life to the screen. Banned in Japan because of Mishima’s controversial political views, the film is a fictionalized study of the writer’s life that ended in a shocking act of violence that confronted a still recovering nation with its own history of violence. We are proud to present the restored version of the film, with the Japanese voice-over and the added scenes that Schrader was forced to cut due to issues with the Mishima estate. Japanese language with English subtitles.


Paul Schrader
Ken Ogata, Go Riju, Masayuki Shionoya, Hiroshi Mikami
120 minuten
VS, Japan
Engels, Japans


A fictional account of the life of Japanese author Yukio Mishima told in four parts. The first three parts relate events in three of his novels: The Temple of the Golden Pavilion, Kyoko’s House, and Runaway Horses. The last part depicts the events of 25th November 1970.

To celebrate Noé’s latest film Vortex and his unique and darkly twisted oeuvre, KINO presents a selection of his own work and the films that inspired him. A divergent collage of cinematic outings that influenced his work: from the masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey (on 70mm!) and the anti-fascist shock cinema of Pasolini’s Salò to the ‘giallo’ chillers of Dario Argento. Join us in taking a deep dive into the visceral cinematic world that shaped the work of this singular director. Strap in, it’s going to be one hell of a ride. Trailer: Baris Azman

© Trailer: Baris Azman

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