Cult Status: The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh (1971)
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Cult Status: The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh (1971)

Hoezo in KINO

On November 24th, Cult Status will return with the greatest Giallo (yes, really) of the 70’s: Sergio Martino’s The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh. A hyper stylized, impossibly sleazy and nightmarishly frantic murder mystery that will leave you reeling long after the credits. The Strange Vice is headlined by a gorgeous cast, lead by brunette bombshell Edwige Fenech and fetching blonde leading man George Hilton. But the true hero of the film might be composer Nora Orlandi, whose impossibly catchy lounge-jazz score brings all of this madness together. As is tradition, we’ll have an action-packed pre-show, this time celebrating the film’s prolific director who produced work in every Italian exploitation genre imaginable, under his own name and many aliases. It will be a night to remember, for sure. English (dubbed*) language without subtitles.

*Before any “do better” keyboard warriors crack their knuckles to write lengthy complaints about the importance of presenting a film in its original language: we know. Most Italian films from this era were dubbed afterwards as this was cheaper than on-set sound recording and many actors featured in these genre films were foreign and did not speak (proper) Italian. Also, American audiences didn’t like subtitles so many films were dubbed in English for this market. We were able to secure the rights for this film with the English dubbing and therefore present this version. Thank you for understanding.


Sergio Martino
Edwige Fenech, George Hilton, Ivan Rassimov, Conchita Airoldi
Horror, Crime, Mystery
98 minutes
English dubbed version


When socialite and heiress Julie Wardh begins receiving blackmail letters attributed to a mysterious serial killer, she suspects her cruel and sadistic former lover Jean is behind them. With her husband Neil frequently out of town, she falls into the arms of her friend’s cousin George, and as the unknown assassin begins to make his move, she fears that one of the three men in her life may be the killer.