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Working Class Heroes (2022)

Hoezo in KINO

With documentary-like force, this strong social thriller is a powerful drama full of comic elements and anger. It exposes all the cruelty and horror of corruption and capitalism. Jasna Djuricic, an actor awarded by the European Film Academy and known from the film Quo Vadis Aida?, performs a brilliant role as a cold-blooded businesswoman who protects the interests of her swindler boss. A raw, uncompromising drama thriller about the mafia construction business in Serbia, which thrives on exploiting illegal workers. Morally questionable Miki and his deputy Lidija do everything to realise a wicked project to steal money from the development fund. Their plans take an unexpected turn when their brutally exploited workers decide to take matters into their own hands. In the blink of an eye, the construction site will become the scene of a life-and-death struggle. The powerful performances of the main actors and strong direction give a memorable experience to the audience.


Milos Pusic
Jasna Djuricic, Boris Isakovic, Predrag Momcilovic, Stefan Beronja
85 minuten


Lidija is working for a dubious real estate company. It is her job to protect the construction site’s image and cover up the dirty tracks left by Serbian turbo-capitalism. But when the workers rebel, her complicity is put to the test.

Our heroes are ordinary people that we pass by each day without noticing them. They are building our towns, our streets, and our flats. Without insurance, medical care, and a secure salary, they don’t know what tomorrow will bring, and sometimes – they don’t care at all. They are people forgotten by society, the same society that establishes a false image of caring for everyone. Almost invisible, they are easy to manipulate and cheap to hire, because they have no choices left.

Milos Pusic (1980) is a Serbian director, screenwriter, producer, and assistant professor at the Academy of Arts Novi Sad. After the short film “Lullaby for A Boy’” (2007), which screened in festivals worldwide, he directed three feature films. “Autumn In My Street” premiered at Sarajevo Film Festival in 2009 and “Withering” at Karlovy Vary in 2013. Recently, he produced the feature “My Morning Laughter” (2019), directed by Marko Djordjevic. It premiered at Rotterdam International Film Festival and was one of the most successful indie films in Serbia in recent years. Pusic is currently shooting a documentary about football icon Dragan Stojkovic Piksi.