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Serpico (1973) – 50th anniversary

Hoezo in KINO

“Say it isn’t so, Serpico…” This Sidney Lumet retrospective started out with wanting to proclaim our love for this film and Pacino’s fantastic performance as well as his rather epic fashion – and grooming choices. Big Al delivers a top tier performance as Frank Serpico, the real life NYPD detective that had to fight for his life against corrupt colleagues when he refused to participate in the department-wide side hustles including embezzlement, narcotics trafficking and even murder. But besides the gripping central plot, the film is also a fantastic time machine because of its 104 scenes shot on-location with that gritty early 70’s NYC aesthetic. We want to live in this movie and yes, befriend that cockatoo. English language without subtitles.


Sidney Lumet
Al Pacino, John Randolph, Jack Kehoe, Biff McGuire
Misdaad, Actie, Drama
130 minuten


Frank Serpico (Al Pacino) is an idealistic New York City cop who refuses to take bribes, unlike the rest of the force. His actions get Frank shunned by the other officers, and often placed in dangerous situations by his partners. When his superiors ignore Frank’s accusations of corruption, he decides to go public with the allegations. Although this causes the Knapp Commission to investigate his claims, Frank has also placed a target on himself. The film is based on a true story.

KINO is proud to present a retrospective on the features of writer and director Sidney Lumet. The versatile filmmaker worked mainly outside of the Hollywood machine but always secured the greatest talent in front of his camera as his reputation as an ‘actor’s director’ secured no less than seventeen Oscar nominations for his leads. His beloved New York City was often not only a geographical setting but a vital asset in his films as he explored the metropole from its classiest office buildings to its seediest back alleys. Unlike for instance Coppola or Scorsese, Lumet’s oeuvre is less distinctive in style as he always adapted his artistic choices to serve the story, not to his own visual preferences. But he is one of the great humanist directors with a fantastic catalogue waiting to be explored and we are proud to present his biggest hits as well as his lesser known films in this thirteen feature retrospective.

Trailer: Baris Azman