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Schmutz Cinema is serving steamy, queer erotic arthouse. Each programme features a variety of bodies, gender identities and sexual preferences. Displayed on a smorgasbord of cinematographic creativity. Join the first edition of this carefully curated evening of pornographic shorts at KINO Rotterdam. There’s a whole universe of erotic content out there: some good, some bad, some meh. Schmutz Cinema knows excellent porn, and we want to share it! Expect a programme of seven short films that will inspire your erotic imagination and rekindle curiosity and play. Let’s celebrate intimacy and pleasure as essential parts of our mental and physical well-being. Do you have questions about the content curation and possible triggers? Get in touch with us through Instagram.


Schmutz Cinema
90 minuten


WTCHSONG by Lina Bembe
A music video for Maika Küster’s WTCHSONG. A story about the fluidity of queer desire.

Tram by Michaela Pavlátová
On her morning route, a conscientious but lonely tramcar conductress lets herself go, turning her overpowering impulses and her wild fantasies into a phallic, surreal delirium.

Celestial Bodies by Atomic Cheesecake Production
Two astronauts struggle to resist the intoxicating and at times hilarious temptations of an alien spaceship.

Crossdresser by Frock the World
Frivolous, yet serious performance starring Mics Dom Top.

The Multiverse in a Mouthfuck by Jorge the Obscene
A metaphysical trip of self discovery, from the seven principles of Hermetism to the seven keys to master our lives.

Labia of Love by Permission 4 Pleasure
Experimental short about loving your labia by Morgana Muses.

Deep Clean by David Wilson
Harry Clayton-Wright unleashes the sensual power of household appliances in this high-spirited dance number. A clean house has ever felt more satisfying.