Special Nicolas Cage

Kiss of Death (1995)

Hoezo in KINO

In the pantheon of intimidating Nic Cage performances, the menacing embodiment of Little ‘Junior’ Brown in Barbet Schroeder’s chilling crime thriller, is right up there. Cage envisioned his performance as “a big horrible baby” and boy, did he succeed. With a great supporting cast including David Caruso, Philip Baker Hall and Samuel L. Jackson, there is a sense of looming dread whenever the goateed, tracksuited Cage enters a scene. English language without subtitles.


Barbet Schroeder
David Caruso, Nicolas Cage, Samuel L. Jackson, Helen Hunt
Misdaad, Thriller, Drama
101 minuten
Geen ondertiteling


Jimmy Kilmartin is an ex-con trying to stay clean and raise a family. When his cousin Ronnie causes him to take a fall for driving an illegal transport of stolen cars, Detective Calvin Hart is injured and Jimmy lands back in prison. In exchange for an early release, he is asked to help bring down a local crime boss named ‘Little Junior’ Brown. However, he’s also sent undercover by Detective Hart to work with Little Junior and infiltrate his operations. As soon as Little Junior kills an undercover Federal agent with Jimmy watching, the unscrupulous DA and the Feds further complicate his life.

KINO presents: Hero for Hire – The Best of Nicolas Cage

The release of the excellent Dream Scenario will be accompanied by a long overdue Nicolas Cage retrospective in KINO, this March. The prolific actor has achieved a transcendent cult status for his eclectic and often discombobulating performances. With eight films spanning three decades we embark on a cinematic journey traversing from Oscar winning peaks to the darker corners of b-movie greatness that makes up an unparalleled cinema career. Trailer: Baris Azman