Special Classic Taiwan New Wave
Taiwan New Wave: Lives Less Ordinary

In Our Time (1982)

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This anthology film, directed by four different directors, is historically significant as it launched the Taiwan New Wave. All directors were newcomers to filmmaking, including Edward Yang. It might be difficult to see its significance nowadays, but it’s important to realize its historical importance. It was the first film that broke away from the usual escapism, melodramas and action genres for the masses, which were no longer serving the audiences. The directors wished to create cinema that reflected contemporary  life by focusing on the stories of ordinary people with an emphasis on different life stages and coming-of-age stories. Taiwanese New Wave got kickstarted and would later refine these themes, narrative and cinematic style even further, as we will see in other films that are a part of  this program.


Edward Yang, Jim Tao, Chang Yi, Ko I-Chen
Sylvia Chang, An-ni Shih, Lee Lichun, Emily Y. Chang
110 minuten


Four vignettes, each set in different decades from the 1950s through the 1980s, deal with protagonists at different stages of life between childhood and young adulthood.

KINO is proud to present (re)introduce you to nine masterpieces from the Taiwan New Wave. These classics have remained underseen in cinemas, so it’s high time we showcase them on our grandest screen. Featuring films from the first and second wave by Edward Yang, Hou Hsiao-hsien, Ang Lee, Tsai Ming-liang and more. The films of this revolutionary movement in cinema history were artistically innovative, but also in their realistic portrayal of the Taiwanese people. They illustrated societal and economic shifts, much like Italian Neorealism in the 1940s. By capturing their cultural identity, these filmmakers created their own voice and their own national cinema. Trailer: Baris Azman