IFFR KINO #48: Blind Date event – Doubles Vies (2018)

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Are you single and ready to mingle? Or maybe just looking for a new friendly or non-monogamous connection? Join the IFFR KINO Blind Date screening on Wednesday 6 December at KINO Rotterdam. Or, if you’d rather not join the Blind Date event, but would like to see Olivier Assayas’s Doubles vies, there are also regular tickets available through KINO’s website. Please note that only the regular tickets excluding the Blind Date event are available through this website. To get tickets for the Blind Date event please click here.
About the Blind Date event
On Wednesday 6 December at 21.00, we’re hosting a blind date for film lovers at KINO Rotterdam. We’ll sort the film and set you up with your date – you just need to come and have fun!
Who is it for?
The Blind Date is for people of all ages, genders, and sexualities, and it can be the start of a romantic, platonic or even a polyamorous connection!
How does it work?
You can reserve your spot until Monday 6 November by purchasing a ticket for the Blind Date event through the link above. You’ll then receive a form you need to fill in by answering some fun and quirky questions that will help us to find the best match for you. The deadline to return the form is by the end of Monday 6 November. Participants who return their form after this date cannot be matched. When we’ve chosen your soulmate, you’ll receive your seat number and the one of your match (you’ll be seated next to each other). If you have been matched with somebody, but eventually cannot attend the screening for whatever reason, it is very important you let us know as soon as possible so your match isn’t disappointed!
– As the pool of potential matches is only the size of a screening room, it is possible that there won’t be someone we think is a good match for you. If that’s the case, you can choose to meet someone who could make a nice connection as a friend, or you can choose to go to the screening by yourself.
– Although we try our best to match you with a suitable companion using the information we receive, we’re not professional matchmakers, so please be open minded!
– We cannot take responsibility for no-shows and refunds will not be issued.


Olivier Assayas
Guillaume Canet, Juliette Binoche, Vincent Macaigne, Christa Théret
Comedy, Drama, Romance
107 minutes


Olivier Assayas takes aim at well-healed intellectuals of the Parisian publishing milieu in the nimble comedy drama Doubles vies. His characters are pompous and at times insufferable, but this fresh, funny, film is anything but.

Publisher Alain (Guillaume Canet) and his wife Selena (Juliette Binoche) are doing their best to adapt to modern life. He is forced to cooperate in the digitisation of the publishing sector, while she – once a stage actress – is acting in a long-running police series on television. With their friends, who include author Léonard (Vincent Macaigne), they discuss the changes taking place in their working lives. But is everything not just staying the same, really? Assayas seems increasingly critical of his protagonists; they are far too wrapped up in themselves to see where they should be heading.

© Baris Azman