IFFR KINO #45: Night Is Short, Walk On Girl (2017) + Kick-Heart (2013)

Hoezo in KINO

We’re back with a brand new season of IFFR KINO. From October 2022 to January  2023 we’re screening an IFFR classic in KINO on every first Wednesday of the month. These gems demand to be seen on the big screen – a great warm-up for our upcoming festival in January.


Masaaki Yuasa
Gen Hoshino (stem), Kana Hanazawa (stem), Ami Koshimizu (stem), Aoi Yuki (stem)
animatie, fanasy
93 minuten


During a mysterious night in Kyoto that seems to never end, shy student Senpai makes multiple attempts to declare his passionate love for the resilient Otome. She is a true party animal – unstoppable – and rushes from spot to spot. This whirlwind, episodic adventure isn’t limited to a pub crawl, but storms on to a local book market, a summer festival, and many other unexpected places full of eccentric characters that aid or thwart Senpai. Will he finally manage to touch Otome’s heart or will Senpai give up, once and for all?

Animation styles vary constantly in this colourful, hallucinatory trip through Japan’s nightlife, demonstrating that Yuasa Masaaki is one of Japan’s contemporary anime masters. Not solely as far as form and style are concerned, his skill is equally visible in the adult themes portrayed in the films.

Kick-Heart (2013)
Yuasa Masaaki’s 2013 short action anime is a fast and furious love story between a masochistic male wrestler and a deceptively demure nun. With minimal dialogue the swirling, surreal action moves between the ring and an orphanage as the hero helps the children while battling a mysterious sadistic opponent. Kick-Heart is the first successful film from a major anime studio to be crowdfunded, heralding a new wave of pioneering projects in Japan.