Die Hard (1988) a 70mm [blow-up] presentation 35th anniversary
Special Classic

Die Hard (1988) a 70mm [blow-up] presentation 35th anniversary

Hoezo in KINO

“Welcome to the party, pal!” For its 35th birthday we proudly return John Maclane’s rather difficult Christmas holiday on the West Coast back to the big screen. This time on a 70mm blow-up print from 1988. John McTiernan’s action masterclass bookended a decade of action flicks populated by muscle-bound man-mountains wiping out entire armies by themselves. But Bruce Willis embodied more of an everyman in Die Hard. A Regular Joe off-duty cop stuck between a rock and a hard place deciding he was not having German terrorists mess up his R&R. Fast paced, tense, funny and sporting one of the best villains ever committed to celluloid by a then debuting(!) Alan Rickman. English Language without subtitles.
This print of Die Hard is a 70mm ‘blow up’ from 1988. A 35mm anamorphic negative printed optically on 70mm film.  This ‘blow up’ 70mm version has a brighter, steadier image. Its magnetic 6-track surround sound provides increased fidelity and dynamic audio superior to 35mm. Enjoy.


John McTiernan
Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, Alexander Godunov, Bonnie Bedelia
Action, Thriller
131 minutes


NYPD cop John McClane’s plan to reconcile with his estranged wife is thrown for a serious loop when, minutes after he arrives at her office, the entire building is overtaken by a group of terrorists. With little help from the LAPD, wisecracking McClane sets out to single-handedly rescue the hostages and bring the bad guys down.