Special Cult Status

Cult Status: The Seventh Curse (1986)

Hoezo in KINO

With the series ‘Cult Status’, KINO takes a deep dive into the cinematic archives searching for the obscure, the grotesque and the forgotten. All screenings are accompanied by an introduction and a pre-show fitting the film of choice. Enjoying weird and wonderful movies together. We quite recently fell in love with the complete insanity that is Hong Kong supernatural horror; an obscure sub-genre spawned from the more adventurous outings by the Shaw Brothers and Golden Harvest studios in the late 60’s that got steadily more outrages as it progressed through the decades. The stories often center around ancient curses, evil (mostly Thai) witches or good ol’ demonic possession. The pinnacle of these films is undoubtedly the unreal 83 minutes of batshit crazy cinematic derangement that is The Seventh Curse. Attempting a plot synopsis is as much a futile endeavor as trying to keep up with what’s happening on screen as director Ngai Choi Lam (Riki-O: The Story of Ricky, Erotic Ghost Story) unleashes a truly bonkers thrill ride featuring supernatural shamans, ancient alien worm babies, winged serpents, kung-fu mummies, haunted skeletons and what can only be described as a trash compactor to sacrifice children. It has to be seen to be believed but we guarantee a fistpumping experience. Trust us. Cantonese language with English subtitles.


Lam Nai-Choi
Chow Yun-fat, Chui Sau-Lai, Chin Siu-ho, Maggie Cheung
actie, horror, fantasy
83 minuten
Hong Kong


A young heroic cop in the jungle of Thailand attempts to rescue a beautiful girl from being sacrificed to the “Worm Tribe” she belongs to. As a result, the cop is damned with seven “Blood Curses” which burst through his leg periodically. When the seventh bursts, he will die, but Betsy, the beauty he saved stops the curse with an antidote that lasts only one year, so on the advice of Wisely (Chow yun Fat) he heads back to Thailand to find a permanent cure. Action ensues as the cop and cohorts battle the evil sorcerer of the Worm Tribe, a hideous bloodthirsty baby like creature and “Old Ancestor,” a skeleton with glowing blue eyes that transforms into a monster that is a cross between Rodan and Alien.