Hoezo in Kino

This Christmas we travel to the sunny shores of Miami, Flordia for an inspiring rags-to-riches immigrant story, perfect for celebrating the holiday spirit! Evade your relatives in style with the ultimate 80s gangster flick that inspired a generation of movie quotes, hip hop artists and wannabe badasses. Brian De Palma’s epic crime saga turns 35 and KINO celebrates this by exhibiting the digitally restored film in all its bloody, coke-fueled splendor. Starting December 26th, Al Pacino is Tony “Scarface” Montana. You know you want it.

Miami, 1980. Tony and his friend Manny move from Cuba to the US in search for the American Dream. After closing a deal to leave the refugee camp and failing to make it legitimately in the US, they build a drug empire far beyond their wildest dreams. But while Tony rises to power quickly, his enemies and own paranoia slowly start to threaten his empire..

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