Hoezo in Kino

Quentin Dupieux’s films such as RubberReality and Wrong are a miraculous mix of tragicomedy and bizarre fantasy elements and Dupieux is as original and hilarious as his work. His latest film tells the story of a man (Oscar winner Jean Dujardin for The Artist) who purchases a deerskin jacket and develops a deep, obsessive relationship with it. Together, they plot to get rid of all the other jackets in the world. Yes, that’s the synopsis and believe us, it’s a brilliant film. Presented in French with English subtitles.

Georges (Jean Dujardin) has just separated from his wife and appears to be undergoing a mid-life crisis. After failing to flush his corduroy jacket down a roadside restroom toilet, he drives to the rural manor of an aging hippie who, for an exorbitant fee, sells him a vintage deerskin jacket and a camcorder. No one could mistake this old jacket for a flattering garment but for Georges, it’s love at first sight.

His heart broken and finances frozen, Georges embarks on an odyssey — with the jacket as his Sancho Panza. Georges converses with the jacket which, through Georges, answers back. When a bartender named Denise (Adèle Haenel, Portrait de la jeune fille en feu) asks Georges what he does, he replies that he’s a filmmaker — after all, he does own a camcorder. Denise, it turns out, is an aspiring film editor, practicing her craft by re-editing popular films. Georges convinces Denise to fund a nonexistent project. Meanwhile, our unhinged hero continues to accumulate deerskin items….

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