Hoezo in Kino

This Christmas, KINO returns to the rolling hills, magical forests and embattled cities of Middle Earth for the One Trilogy to Rule Them All. For the first time all three films will be screened in their entire extended glory (with intermissions) for the most comprehensive version of Peter Jackson’s masterpiece. So join your favorite fellowship for the holidays and return that pesky ring to Mount Doom in twelve of the best hours cinema has to offer. On the 22nd of December: the Complete The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Marathon, we screen all three extended versions back to back in their entirety. Between film one and two we provide you with Second Breakfast (known as to us man-folk as “lunch”) and before the third film we serve up a Dutch version of a stew with PO-TA-TOES to keep you going. If you’re not up for the full journey you can watch the individual parts during the entire Christmas Holidays starting on the 23rd.

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