Hoezo in Kino

Director. Provocator. Deconstructor. In association with Lab 111 and coinciding with the release of his controversial new feature The House That Jack Built we’ll be screening a selection of the provocative works of Danish iconoclast and Arthouse very own enfant terrible, Lars von Trier.

Throughout his career, Danish enfant terrible Lars von Trier has made a habit of throwing ‘the cat amongst the pigeons’ of the European arthouse scene and beyond. As co-founder of the purist Dogme 95 movement, whose films were known for their bleak worldview and controversial subject matter, von Triers films have always thrived on the tension between chaos and control, where he’s sought to defy and disrupt what he regards as conformist norms of filmmaking. His deeply confrontational films – and his equally provocative public persona – have been both greatly admired and fervently debated and challenge audiences both emotionally and psychologically. His visually poetic cinema puts to celluloid a haunting, troubling vision of the human condition.

Films in dit evenement

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