Hoezo in Kino

Wednesday April 17th, BlueCity and KINO host another edition of Future Flights. This time we will take you on a trip to the future of agriculture at Future Flight Movie Night | preview The Biggest Little Farm. Our ‘captain of a new industry’ Dan Mulder, project developer at Commonland, will guide you to this future and explains how their work leads to returns in inspiration, social capital, natural capital and financial capital. Together with the documentary The Biggest Little Farm we outline a positive, heroic future and prove that it can be done.

This edition of Future Flights we are taking a trip to the future of agriculture. Our ‘captain of a new industry’, Dan Mulder, project developer at Commonland, takes us to his visualisation of the future, where we globaly restored the landscape and live harmoniously with nature. Co-pilot Anne Bruin (Herenboeren) will elaborate on how they are already working on that visualised future by bringing farms back to urban area’s and enable even the most clumsy person to grow their own crops!

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