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Laurent Garnier: Off The Record

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zo 22 mei
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Laurent Garnier, your favourite DJ’s favourite DJ, happened to first-hand experience the rise of techno and electronic music whilst living in London, Manchester, Detroit, Berlin and Paris. And lucky for us and filmmaker Gabin Rivoire, the music legend is a fantastic storyteller too. As finally the clubs have re-opened, there’s no time like the present to show this celebrated IDFA-documentary in KINO – and have a little party with FOMO on the 20th! Scroll down fore more info!


Gabin Rivoire
Laurent Garnier, Miss Kittin, Stéphane Dri, Pedro Winter, Derrick May, Dave Haslam, Jeff Mills
90 minuten
Verenigd Koninkrijk


An exploration into the life of Laurent Garnier, one of the godfathers of house music, tracking his emergence on the music scene from the 80’s to now. Shot over the last three years, Laurent is followed across the globe, immersing us into the exceptional, yet everyday life of one of the most respected DJ’s in the world. This unique insight draws an intimate portrait of the man behind the legend, the legend behind the decks. Through Laurents own words, we travel his unique course in life. From the son of a fairground owner to becoming a Knight of the Legion of Honor, all thanks to his unparalleled passion for music. We delve into the history of the last great music revolution of the twentieth century, from the perspective of one of its pioneers: Laurent Garnier!

A little party? Yes that’s right, KINO invited FOMO to curate a little party after the screening of Laurent Garnier: Off The Record on May 20th. And they were more than happy to comply. Their favourite DJ duo Kookkamer will provide the necessary musical support, while Jane Bergkotte will transform the beautiful foyer of KINO into an aesthetic club setting.

Stijn Sibbel (½ of Kookkamer) about his admiration for this legendary DJ:
‘In my journey of discovering electronic club music, Laurent Garnier was my first big inspiration. His versatility as a producer and as a DJ is something which I have admired ever since his jazz-fused house anthem ‘The Man With The Red Face’ first made its way to my ears.

Garnier’s genre-bending capabilities have allowed him to prove himself behind the booth over and over again for the last 30 years. It’s hard to give praise to such a DJ without sounding too nostalgic. His manner of combining the elements of all different styles of music is something not commonly found on modern dance floors.

Even though I have discovered a lot of other talented DJ’s and producers over the last years, Garnier’s mixing style (which I’d describe as colouring outside the lines) is something which significantly influences my own DJ sets. Besides producing killer dance floor music, Garnier has challenged himself as a composer for cinema, theatre and television. Though, his musical mastery pertains itself best through his techno-oriented club tracks; ‘Crispy Bacon’ always gets the juices flowing.’

The screening of the docu on May 20th starts at 21.00. After party starts at 22.45, entrance is free! (Full = Full)