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Blue Island (2022)

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In collaboration with NL4HK we’re hosting this screening of Blue Island (2022). Chan Tze Woon’s Blue Island is the first hybrid documentary made in the wake of Hong Kong’s 2019 social movement. The film stages an encounter across two generations of activists and four key events in Hong Kong’s history—the 1967 leftist riots, the Cultural Revolution, the 1989 Tiananmen crackdown, and the 2019 protests. Winner of the Best International Feature Documentary Award at Hot Docs 2022, Blue Island is a poetic reflection on the city’s turbulent past, present, and future. The director will join for an extended virtual conversation after the film.


Tze Woon Chan
95 minuten
Hong Kong
Chinese & English


The film documents three real-life characters who engaged in rebellions when they were young. Through reconstructing these events, the film dramatizes their scarred memories and experiences by using four young people who participated in the 2019 Anti-extradition Law Amendment Movement in Hong Kong. These real protagonists are separated by time and history, yet their lives parallel and overlap, because they have similarly defiant backgrounds and find themselves in similarly chaotic predicaments.

Images flow between documentary and drama, blending archival materials, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, weaving an expansive tapestry that encompasses these tumultuous eras…

How do the young people of this city envision their future today? What do they think about this seemingly unwinnable revolution?