Preview: Peninsula (EN subs)

Hoezo in Kino

Since the zombie apocalypse escalated in the great movie Train to Busan (which we’ll also screen!), South Korea is now a wasteland occupied by the rabid living dead on the hunt for that sweet brain meat. A former soldier gets the unfortunate mission to go back and finds there are still survivors amongst the devastation. A great sequel that preserves the breakneck pace of action and doesn’t shy away from the gore. With English subtitles!

Regie: Sang-ho Yeon

Cast: Dong-won Kang, Jung-hyun Lee, John D. Michaels



Land: Zuid-Korea

Speelduur: 116 minuten

Taal: Koreaans

Ondertiteling: English


Four years after the zombie outbreak, South Korea has been overrun by zombies and quarantined from the rest of the world. Jung-seok (Gang Dong-won) and Min-Jung (Lee Jung-hyun) are given the mission to pick up an abandoned truck in the middle of Seoul with a time limit to escape the peninsula forever. But besides the hordes of zombies, they also come face to face with a mysterious military group, Unit 631, who ambushes them. Their violent survival struggle begins!