Tokyo Stories: Funeral Parade of Roses (1969)

Hoezo in Kino

Toshio Matsumoto’s avant-garde film about a group of young cross-dressing gay men turning tricks and dealing drugs is in part a product of closely studying Godard’s led French Nouvelle Vague. But this picture has a distinct own punk rock style and liberating panache in representing its protagonists and subject matter. A revolutionary piece of cinema as it uses traditional Japanese imagery (for example of the geisha) and presents it in a new light. Funeral is a truly original work you might expect to sprout from the brain of a NY based Warhol, not traditionalist Japan. The film is in black and white but adds the most cinematic colour in understanding Tokyo in its many facets during the sexual revolution. Presented in a great new digital restoration in Japanese with English subtitles.

Regie: Toshio Matsumoto

Cast: Pitâ, Osamu Ogasawara, Yoshimi Jô



Land: Japan

Speelduur: 105 minuten

Ondertiteling: English


An important work of the Japanese New Wave, Funeral Parade of Roses is a chaotic drama about a deadly love triangle set against the background of the underground gay counterculture. Young transvestite nightclub hostess Eddie is the main attraction of Bar Genet. She comes to the attention of Madame Leda, who is in a relationship with the bar’s owner, Gonda. While engaging with Leda, Eddie also starts a secret affair with Gonda. Tangled up in a love rivalry, the three face a bloody aftermath.

►Prior to the screening of October 9th, Julian Ross will give a short introduction. Julian Ross oversees IFFR selections from Japan and the Philippines. He is also a member of IFFR’s short film selection committee. He has curated films and performances at Tate Modern, BFI, Eye Film Institute, Anthology Film Archives, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and other institutions. He was an assistant curator for a film series on the Art Theatre Guild of Japan (ATG) at MoMA and Pacific Film Archives. He holds a PhD on 1960-70s Japanese expanded cinema and is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Westminster where he also teaches on film and art.