This Is America: Clockers (1995)

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“Don’t you want to go some place you’ve never been before? I mean, you love trains, but you’ve only ridden the subway.” Clockers was Spike Lee’s eighth film in nine years and is arguably his most concise work to date, leaving much of his trademark flashy cinematography and preachy dialogue by the wayside. Between an unsolved murder, his drug overlords and the NYPD, there’s seems no way out of the Brooklyn projects for a young clocker – a low tier drug dealer. The system seems designed to keep him right where he is.

Regie: Spike Lee

Cast: Mekhi Phifer, Harvey Keitel, John Turturro, Delroy Lindo


Actie, Misdaad

Land: VS

Speelduur: 128 minuten

Taal: Engels

Ondertiteling: Geen


With the United States in its current state, it seems like a prescient time to shine a light on the common folks of this country and their everyday fight for survival with our upcoming program: This Is America. A six movie cinematic journey through lauded classics mixed with lesser known gems that depict working class protagonists in a head-on fight against institutional corruption, racism, media for profit, the opioid epidemic and even some bourgeois extraterrestrials. It’s the struggle of the 99% depicted through heartfelt stories by some of America’s greatest directors. Starting October 24th. English language with no subtitles.

Clockers (1995)
Strike is a young city drug pusher under the tutelage of drug lord Rodney Little. When a night manager at a fast-food restaurant is found with four bullets in his body, Strike’s older brother turns himself in as the killer. Det. Rocco Klein doesn’t buy the story, however, setting out to find the truth, and it seems that all the fingers point toward Strike & Rodney.

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