Studio Ghibli: Ponyo (2008)

Hoezo in Kino

It’s going to be a magical summer in KINO. This summer we’re screening no less than sixteen films from the visionary and dizzyingly original Japanese animation giant, Studio Ghibli. Caste in the Sky is a breathtaking adventure from Miyazaki. It tells the tale of Sheeta, a young orphan who holds a crystal from Laputa: a mythical land floating in the skies. She meets Pazu, a young boy who has been looking for Laputa, and together they try to save the magical land from the clutches of a government secret agent.

Regie: Hayao Miyazaki



Land: Japan

Speelduur: 101 minuten

Taal: Japanese

Ondertiteling: English

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This is the story of Ponyo, a little fish from the sea who struggles to realise her dream of living with a boy named Sosuke. It also tells of how five-year old Sosuke manages to keep a most solemn promise. Ponyo places Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid in a contemporary Japanese setting. It is a tale of childhood love and adventure – Hayao Miyazaki. The film encapsulates everything that makes the studio’s output so unique. Breathtaking animation combined with thrilling storytelling makes this another worthy addition to the Ghibli catalogue.