KINO Expat: About Endlessness (EN subs)

Hoezo in Kino

The grey, bone-dry vignette cinema of Roy Andersson (Songs from the Second Floor You, The Living) can be recognised at a glance and his latest film is a very welcome new chapter of his unique Swedish philosophy.

Regie: Roy Andersson

Cast: Bengt Bergius, Jan-Eje Ferling, Martin Serner


Drama, Komedie

Land: Duitsland

Speelduur: 76 minuten

Taal: Zweeds


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Roy Andersson won the Silver Lion for Best Director in Venice for this film, his classic style of vignettes reaches its maximum purity, and a masterful manipulation of the comical tension as he uncovers, with minimal gestures, all the absurdity of this dehumanized society. Andersson’s personal version of The Thousand and One Nights, in which his Scherezade takes us through stories like that of a priest who has lost his faith, Hitler in his bombed bunker and a dentist who decides to rebel against his patient, to name a few. One more piece that prove Andersson’s work to be coherent and masterful in its entirety.

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