No Man’s Land: The Night Porter (1974)

Hoezo in Kino

The true arthouse shocker that was the catalyst for much pearl-clutching, censorship and polarizing reviews has lost none of its impact after forty six years. Fifteen years after the war a Jewish woman recognizes her nazi tormenter from the concentration camp, in a Paris hotel. She confronts him and sets out to relive the sadomasochistic relationship she had with him culminating in a devastating conclusion in search for the ever elusive catharsis from her wartime trauma.

Regie: Liliana Cavani

Cast: Dirk Bogarde, Charlotte Rampling, Philippe Leroy

Land: Italy

Speelduur: 118 minuten

Taal: English

Ondertiteling: English


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After a chance meeting at a hotel in 1957, Holocaust survivor Lucia and Nazi officer Max, who tortured her, resume their sadomasochistic relationship.