No Man’s Land: The Ascent (1977)

Hoezo in Kino

When Larisa Shapitko applied for the VGIK (film academy in Moscow) at the end of the 1950’s she was the only woman to do so but she held her own as part of the influential filmmakers to emerge from the USSR in that period together with Andrej Tarkovsky, Sergej Paradzjanov and Elem Klimov (Come and See), her husband and close collaborator. The Ascent is a hauntingly beautiful and unflinchingly brutal account of two Soviet soldiers navigating the unforgiving Russian winter, battling hunger and capture by the German army in order to survive. Unmissable and, in true Russian cinematic fashion, unforgiving cinema.

Regie: Larisa Shepitko

Cast: Boris Plotnikov, Vladimir Gostyukhin, Sergey Yakovlev


Drama, Oorlog

Land: Sovjet-Unie

Speelduur: 111 minuten

Taal: Russian

Ondertiteling: English


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Two Soviet partisans on a mission to gather food contend with the winter cold, the occupying Germans, and their own psyches. In a freezing cold World War II winter, two pro-Soviet partisans – Sotnikov and Rybak – head off to find food for themselves and their compatriots.