L.A. Nightmares: Lost Highway (1997)

Hoezo in Kino

After intensely following the O.J. Simpson story, director David Lynch imagined what mental gymnastics the mind must endure to protect itself from the horrors it has inflicted on others in order to continue everyday life. The result was Lost Highway, a nightmarish, brutal and at times hilariously funny film containing some of the most unsettling scenes of cinema history and famously using that Rammstein song. There’s a car accident in Lost Highway that takes place on Mulholland Drive, right around the same place on the road as an accident that will take place in 2001…

Regie: David Lynch

Cast: Bill Pullman, John Roselius, Patricia Arquette


Mysterie, Thriller

Land: Verenigde Staten

Speelduur: 135 minuten

Taal: Engels

Ondertiteling: Nederlands


After a bizarre and mysterious meeting, jazz saxophonist Fred Mason is framed for the murder of his wife and sent to prison. On death row, he starts having headaches, insomnia and visions and morphs into the 24-year-old auto mechanic Pete Dayton. When the police cannot find any connection between the two men, Pete is set free. The two separate lives begin to cross, tangling them up in a surreal web of intrigue.