KINO Expat: Paradise Drifters (EN subs)

Hoezo in Kino

Mees Peijnenburg’s feature debut could only be very good, after a trophy cabinet of short films that time and again beautifully capture the psyches of young people. Beautifully filmed in his own style and moving, surprising and stimulating; no wonder it was such a success at the IFFR and the Berlinale. An instant Dutch film classic.

Regie: Mees Peijnenburg

Cast: Jonas Smulders, Tamar van Waning, Bilal El Mehdi Wahib



Land: Nederland

Speelduur: 85 minuten

Taal: Nederlands

Ondertiteling: English


Paradise Drifters is a fragmented portrayal of three homeless young adults who are heading to southern Europe in search of money, love and happiness.

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