Itenerant Movies #3: Iron Island

Hoezo in Kino

The new program called Cinema Architecture 2017-18: ITINERANT MOVIES will kick off in June at KINO Rotterdam. ITINERANT MOVIES #3 is focused on the topic of The Sea. All the selected films are shot in a single vehicle/vector that describes trajectories and journeys. With their deliberate visual restriction, the narrative of single-set films depends on the tension between the inside (vehicle) and the outside space (landscape).

Regie: Mohammad Rasoulof

Cast: Ali Nassirian, Hossein Farzi-Zad, Neda Pakdaman



Land: Iran

Speelduur: 90 min minuten

Taal: Perzisch

Ondertiteling: Engels

9 jaar

Iron Island entirely takes place on an abandoned oil tanker anchored offshore the Persian Gulf seaport of Bandar Abbas. The captain, a ‘generous dictator’, operates this ‘iron island’ as a sort of live-in commune where the inhabitants, Sunni Arab minority that lives in this part of Iran, can find a job to survive. This ‘island’ can be considered a microcosm where the minorities are governed by the autocratic power.

► Event starts at 21:15
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