Future Flight Movie Night: preview The Biggest Little Farm

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Wednesday April 17th, BlueCity and KINO host another edition of Future Flights. This time we will take you on a trip to the future of agriculture at Future Flight Movie Night: preview The Biggest Little Farm. Our ‘captain of a new industry’ Dan Mulder, project developer at Commonland, will guide you to this future and explains how their work leads to returns in inspiration, social capital, natural capital and financial capital. Together with the documentary The Biggest Little Farm we outline a positive, heroic future and prove that it can be done.

Regie: John Chester



Land: VS

Speelduur: 140 minuten

Taal: Engels


A quarter of the once fertile land is now dust and sand, population is rising and climate is changing. How can we rethink our worldwide agricultural system to provide the billions of worlds inhabitants of food without depleting the soil? Do we have to move back to a more self-suffiecient way of living in harmony with nature? Or is it impossible to go back tot that lifestyle? How can we start using more of the available space in the cities for agriculture? And how can this influence and improve biodiversity and our ecosystem?

This edition of Future Flights we are taking a trip to the future of agriculture. Our ‘captain of a new industry’, Dan Mulder, project developer at Commonland, takes us to his visualisation of the future, where we globaly restored the landscape and live harmoniously with nature. Co-pilot Anne Bruin (Herenboeren) will elaborate on how they are already working on that visualised future by brining farms back to urban area’s and enable even the most clumsy person to grow their own crops!

// Future Flights? | Future Flights are interactive, inspriring and playful journeys to a heroic future, where we already solved contemporary sustainability problems. If we know where we want to go, we can work towards that visualisation. Start building the future today. Every flight a ‘captain of a new industry’, helped by our host, Nathan de Groot, tells his or her visualisation of the future and a co-pilot will elaborate on how he or she is already working on that visualised future. Do not expact practical guidelines, but an inspirational, cinematic experience with room for interaction and questions!

“If we would fly to a new future, this would be the inflight entertainment!”

// Documentary | The Biggest Litte Farm (2019, Chester) The successes and failures of a couple determined to live in harmony with nature on a farm outside of Los Angeles are lovingly chronicled by filmmaking farmer John Chester, in this inspiring documentary. Filmmaker John Chester and his wife Molly Chester, a culinary writer, trade city life to start their own farm on a stretch of depleted soil outside Los Angeles. Part of their inspiration is to offer a better, outdoor life for their rescue dog, Todd. Moreover, they want to live in better harmony with nature. Many of us hold similar dreams, but John and Molly put them into action.

John chronicles their efforts for more than eight years in this sweeping epic of twists and turns related to the creation of Apricot Lane Farms. As neophytes, John and Molly enlist a consultant, Alan York, whose vision is to raise an array of crops and livestock. Alan cautions that it will take seven years before they fully realize their potential. During that wait, they face mounting obstacles: coyotes, insects, bad weather, and disease, like a modern-day Little House on the Prairie. Most farmers would respond with pesticides, extermination, and concentration on a single crop. But following their guru, John and Molly remain steadfast in their commitment to working with nature, not against it.

Teeming with stunningly beautiful images of flora and fauna — and a pregnant hog that will melt your heart — The Biggest Little Farm is a testament to idealism. For urban viewers, it’s a necessary confrontation with how our food is grown. It’s also a family adventure, full of suspense and emotion that will leave a lump in your throat.

// Captain | Dan Mulder (Commonland) Dan brings in analytical skills to the 4 returns partners team. He manages projects focused on business development, value chain collaboration and the evaluation of commercial and technical viability of regenerative production. Dan is passionate about making the agricultural sector sustainable, since he believes it’s the best way to reduce climate change, restore ecosystems and (re)connect to nature.

// Co-pilot | tba

PROGRAM 18:55 | Doors open 19:00 | End program 21:30