Beware the Locals: Wildschut (1985) 35mm presentation

Hoezo in Kino

The notorious film studio The Cannon Group made only one Dutch production during the 15-year Golan-Globus dominated era of action-packed B movie cinema. But this hostage flick has some very strong performances and a brooding plot that elevates this to one of the best 80’s action films Dutch cinema had to offer. Presented in a crisply restored 35mm print from Eye Film Institute complete with English subtitles. Don’t miss out on some obscure Dutch exploitation thriller history.

Regie: Bobby Eerhart

Cast: Hidde Maas, Jack Monkau, Annick Christiaens


Drama, Misdaad, Thriller

Land: Nederland, België

Speelduur: 92 minuten

Taal: Nederlands

Ondertiteling: Geen


After an armed robbery, two thieves Jim and Charlie choose the isolated farmhouse Wildschut as their hide-out. The Deleye family, owners of Wildschut, are taken hostage and are forced to accept the situation under Jim’s brutal domination. The more gentle Charlie decides to reside in one of the rooms to tend to his wounds, while at the same time keeping the baby hostage. As the local police close in on the situation, tensions in the house begin to grow.