Berliner Geschichten: B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin 1979-1989 (2015) + NeON in Berlin

Hoezo in Kino

This documentary on the art and music scene of 70’s & 80’s West Berlin is a fantastic journey through a city that has long been sanitized beyond recognition. The walled-in stronghold of anarchistic expression was an explosion of creative energy captured in fashion subcultures, new wave music and utter debauchery. A nostalgic snapshot of a city that was in the process of reinvention with such uncompromising vigor it only lasted for so long. Presented in German with English subtitles.

Regie: Jörg A. Hoppe, Heiko Lange

Cast: Andi, Bela B., Blixa Bargeld


Documentaire, Muziek

Land: Duitsland

Speelduur: 92 minuten

Taal: Duits

Ondertiteling: Engels


Before the screening we will show Berlin excerpts from the television program NeON made between 1979 & 1980 by director Bob Visser and poet Jules Deelder. They traveled to Berlin and captured this city in a unique way with images and poetic commentary shot from the hip.

Music, art and chaos in the wild West-Berlin of the 1980s. The walled-in city became the creative melting pot for sub- and pop-culture. Before the iron curtain fell, everything and anything seemed possible. B-Movie is a fast-paced collage of mostly unreleased film and TV footage from a frenzied but creative decade, starting with punk and ending with the Love Parade, in a city where the days are short and the nights are endless. Where it was not about long-term success, but about living for the moment – the here and now.

► 02.11 + 19.11: M – Eine Stadt such einen Mörder (1931)
► 05.11 + 30.11: Possession (1981)
► 09.11 + 03.12: B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin 1979-1989 (2015)
► 12.11 + 22.11: Christiane F. – Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo (1981)
► 16.11 + 17.12: Cabaret (1972)
► 23.11: Berlin Alexanderplatz – part 1 (1980)
► 24.11: Berlin Alexanderplatz – part 2 (1980)
► 26.11 + 07.12: Good Bye, Lenin! (2003) – 35mm presentation
► 10.12 + 21.12: Das Leben der Anderen (2006)
► 14.12 + 24.12: Der Himmel über Berlin (1987)

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